The beautiful Galilee! Both Old and New Testament stories come alive in this region given to the tribe of Naphtali. Moses said of Naphtali, "You are abounding with favor and full with the blessing of the Lord." (Deut. 33:23). The name Naphtali means literally "to win through wrestling." 


When the patriarch Jacob blessed Naphtali he said, "Like a doe set free he gives beautiful words." No more beautiful words ever existed than those spoken by Jesus as he proclaimed the gospel here in the Galilee. Truly they have traveled round the world like a doe set free..

Just as Jesus based His earthly ministry in the Galilee, we also are positioned here "to win through wrestling" through worship, prayer, and intercession going up from here to the throne room of heaven.

The Apple of His Eye ministry house in Tiberias was established in 1999 by Ron and Karen Goodman with a clear word from the Holy Spirit.  The current house is our fourth location in Tiberias; we are still waiting to find the house the Lord would have us purchase!

We are located in Tiberias Illite, situated on a quiet street (except for when our Jewish neighbors have Karaoke gatherings!), overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We have four large twin rooms for guests and can comfortably accommodate groups of 8-10 people quite comfortably. The house is within walking distance from public transportation and grocery stores.


We ask our guests to build time in their schedules for times of prayer and worship in the house. We look forward to hosting the many prayer warriors that come to join us.


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