Welcome to Apple of His Eye Prayer House, Jerusalem. A haven for those called to pray for and from Jerusalem, this family-style living quarters provides a comfortable stay while on prayer assignments. The refreshing view of Mount Zion awakens the heart for prophetical fulfillment to pray until He makes Jerusalem “A praise in the earth” (Isaiah 62:7).  Prayer times can be flexible according to your group’s schedule, but daily corporate prayer is encouraged.  Feel free to worship to your favorite music or enjoy the instruments in the house.  One will immediately embrace the peace of God since this has been a place of prayer and worship for over a decade.  Friends have blessed us from many nations.  God is using His people in amazing ways and calling them to His holy mountain and making them joyful in His house of prayer (Isaiah 56:6-7).

Conveniently located on the corner of Ein Rogel and Derek Hevron, the 20 minute walk to the Old City is also a great time for a prayer walk.  Or head to the near-by grocery store to help prepare for the house Shabbat meal.  Embrace the heart and love of the God of Israel, His chosen people and the nations who love them.

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